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Alun Evans' now annual addictive chunk of Golf Majors facts and figures covers the epic events of the 2018 Grand Slams, as well as the usual pot pourri of results and player CVs going back to 1860; comparison tables; venues; and then 40 pages of records of all kinds associated with golf's most important Championships.  

It covers the emergence of Brooks Koepka as the sport's latest multiple Major Champion is chronicled in detail: so too, the return of Tiger Woods, once more (with everything crossed) a creditable force in Majors when many, the author included, felt that so deep and steep had been his decline, such an astonishing recovery was beyond the wildest hopes of his millions of still-faithful fans. Whereas the book unashamedly pays homage to the events of yesteryear, and those that made them so often so memorable, it still finds time to deal with the future and looks expectantly towards the Majors of 2019, where for many the high spot will be the return of the Open in July to the island of Ireland, and idyllic Royal Portrush, for the only time since 1951.

All these events are featured in detailed reports, backed up with performance details of every player who teed off in the year's four classics; full leaderboards (including all those who missed the cut or failed to reach the end); round leaders and low scores per round. The year's events are then summarized in a league table of the best players, based on Evans' unique scoring system.  
All in all, it is the complete companion (and the only one of its kind) to see you through this year's Major Championships and look forward to the next.

Tables are provided, too, using the same technique, to compare players of different eras, and culminate in the popular, provocative 'Hall of Fame', the Top 100 players in Major Championship history. 
Evans, whose From Old Tom to the Tiger was shortlisted for British Sports Book of the Year in 2012, continues to produce record books 'par excellence', but with an engagingly light narrative to caress them into the titanic human and sporting storylines the Majors seem to create, year in, year out, without them appearing nerdy or obtrusive. 
Jack Nicklaus has hailed the Golf Majors series of books because he felt, 'readers and golf fans alike can easily recall their memories of the Major Championships of the world'; and Jack's greatest rival and good friend, the late, great Arnold Palmer commented, 'Alun Evans has compiled such a great summary...of the four Major Championships'. 
Alun Evans' Golf Majors Book, 2019 is a must for all golf, indeed all sports, fans. As the Daily Mail's Derek Lawrenson succinctly put it, 'When it comes to the Major Championships, look no further than Alun Evans'.


                Readers of these pages over the few years will know experiments to provide an e-version of the book have so far been frustrating. The complex formatting in a book which has already been physically heightened and broadened to make the data more user-friendly still defies the e-publishers. I will continue to explore the e-book avenues further, but until then there is always The Golf Majors Book, 2019 and Old Tom, too) in PDF format: see BUY NOW page.


                The Golf Majors, 2019 is a further, essential supplement to the mother-source which is the widely-respected Old Tom. It brings the story of the Majors bang up to date, concentrating as it does on the 21st century Majors and all that entails, but without duplicating completely the historical stuff to be found in Old Tom. So if you still need to know the story, told in detailed synopses, the full results of all the Majors from 1860 to 2013, and the record of every player who participated in them, then you'll need Old Tom to work alongside The Golf Majors updates. Old Tom, if you don't have it already, is now at a particularly good price on all Amazon sites.


To summarize, following the familiar format of previous editions, but with several new or revived features, and in greater detail than ever before, The Golf Majors of 2019 vintage, in 409 fact-packed pages, presents:


* Full results of all Majors from 1860-1999, on leaderboards featuring every player who finished a Major


* Enhanced results of Majors from 2000-2017, to include every player who started, even those who missed the cut, withdrew, were disqualified, or, for whatever other reason, failed to complete 72 holes


* A special, separate section covering everything about the 2018 Majors


* A revived section, The Majors of 2019 looks at the venues for this year, and any changes to them since they last hosted a Major. It also recalls the highlights of previous Majors held at each


* A full results summary for every Major Champion in history; and all players who started a Major from 2000 onwards


* Top players of different eras are compared based on their successes in Majors


* The popular Hall of Fame Top 100


* An even further expanded Records section to answer any query those at the 19th hole may care to pose about players, their scores, numbers of wins, where they came from, etc; as well as the host golf courses of history, and those delights that await in the future



Since 1998, and still, the premier source of information for those interested in the Major Championships: Alun Evans' The Golf Majors, 2019.



‘It’s worth every penny to me’, Renton Laidlaw, TV commentator and editor of the R&A Golfer’s Handbook


Alun Evans, January 2019