What some people in and around the world of Golf have said about The Golf Majors series of books, past and present, including the Old Tom special...


‘When it comes to the Major Championships, look no further than Alun Evans’ The Golf’s a book that I have missed not having these past few years’: Derek Lawrenson, Daily Mail.


‘Alun Evans’...comprehensive record of the Four Major Championships fills a massive hole in the market’: Andy Farrell, The Independent.


‘I've always found The Golf Majors to be an essential part of my luggage and a work you have to keep an eye on in case a colleague borrows it and forgets to return it. It is well put together, accurate and easy to work one's way through‘:  John Hopkins, The Times.


‘Book of the Day’: Daily Express.


‘Book of the Week’: The Independent.


‘A very worthy production’: (the late) David Davies, The Guardian.


'It wan't until I bought my first copy of the book that I realized where my predecessor got all his amazing stats.' Phil Casey, Press Association


‘Super. Keep up the good work’: David Livingstone, Sky Sports.


‘I love the idea’: David Marr, Golf Channel.


‘It is most impressive...and it’s worth every penny to me’: Renton Laidlaw, Golf Channel; editor of ‘The R&A Golfer’s Handbook’.


The Golf Majors has become an essential aid to anyone wanting to give historical perspective to today's performers on the world stage’: Mark Garrod, Press Association.


‘Unique’: Paul Trow, Golf World.


‘A reference source for which we should all be grateful...alongside the R&A’s Golfer’s Handbook’: Scottish Golfer.


‘Golf’s answer to Wisden’: Golf Weekly.


'Lost in admiration...such a marvellously worthy task': Ben Wright, former editor-at-large, LINKS Magazine


‘What an amazing compilation’: George Peper, current editor, LINKS Magazine.


‘ impressive and highly detailed book.’: Dale Concannon, respected author of books on golf.


‘I have two bibles of reference...One is the R&A Golfer’s Handbook and the other is Alun Evans’ excellent The Golf Majors. My copy is always battered and dog-eared within weeks of receiving it because I consult it so frequently. It is detailed, comprehensive and accurate, and I thank Alun every time I pick it up for the superb job he has done in putting [it] together.’ Martin Vousden, former editor, Today’s Golfer.


‘There may be nothing of a comparable nature available’: Barry Ward, editor,


Your The Golf Majors is a great, great work. Almost unbelievable’. André-Jean Lafaurie, French golf journalist


‘...well used by me and my colleagues’: Kathryn Baker, Curator, British Golf Museum, St Andrews.


Sensational is the only comment needed’: Bruce McBride, USGA Museum.


‘Valuable...for me and my members’: Melanie Hauser, Secretary, The Golf Writers’ Association of America.


'Alun Evans has produced one of the most informative golf publications that I have ever read, aptly titled From Old Tom to the should be in all our libraries. It's a truly great book...I commend it to all'. George Begg, Australian Golf Writers Association


‘...readers and golf fans alike can easily recall their memories of the major championships of the world’: Jack Nicklaus.


‘Alun Evans has compiled such a great summary...of the four major championships’: Arnold Palmer.


‘A most comprehensive publication’: Peter Dawson, Secretary of the R&A GC, St Andrews.


‘I congratulate Alun Evans in putting together such a comprehensive and interesting publication’: Sir Michael Bonallack (former Secretary of the R&A GC, St Andrews).


‘An enormous amount of a layout which is easy to understand’: GE Watts, former Secretary Royal St George’s GC, Sandwich.

‘Compared with what Evans has put together, winning, say, 18 Majors seems comparatively easy’: Jeff Silverman, 


'I'd kill for a copy – I want it now!' Dan Jenkins, Sports Illustrated


‘Very good...but it needs to be more detailed!’: Peter Alliss.