The Golf Majors, 2018





to include all the 2017 Majors and a preview of the 2017 Majors. It's available on Amazon in its traditional format, and here on the Buy Now page as a secure PDF.  





From Old Tom to the Tiger


Shortlisted for 'SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR, 2012'


As you have seen, OLD TOM, the 'mother' edition of The Golf Majors series, is now available via Amazon. Just click on (, or (, and you're in! Alternatively, in the UK, traditional booksellers like Waterstones have stocks. Amazon in France, Germany, Italy and Spain also have stocks.




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Other Books


Back in 1999, I produced a well-liked book called Brassey's Guide to War Films. I hope to revisit that theme in due course, but meanwhile there's something even meatier, cinematically, than that to get my teeth into. A bit like Old Tom in scope and size, and very much from the same Alun Evans stable of hobby-horses, The Movie Awards Companion will document every film and film-maker that's won or been nominated for a major award; whether it be from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, or one of the important others. It's painfully slow (I've just reached 1998, having embarked on the project six years ago, and began at the first Academy Awards for 1927-28 – the main reason being that as the years roll by, more and more awards bodies appear and more and more categories of award pop up): but it's a joy for me to plod on exploring the Awards which evoke great memories of films and their makers; and whether they were films of their time, or films for all time. More information in due course.


On the golf front, I have a few ideas to work around the Majors and depending on the progress (or otherwise) work on the cinema book is complete.