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 'When it comes to the Major Championships, look no further than Alun Evans' The Golf Majors'. Derek Lawrenson, Daily Mail.




In the world of professional golf, the only thing that matters to the world's leading players is to be a Major Champion. For many the Ryder Cup is like nothing else, because in golf there is nothing to compare with it as a competition; but as an individual, no top player's CV is complete without at least one of the four Major titles that make up the grand slam events in golf. This site concentrates on the love affair of the great and good of men's golf with the (British) Open, The US Open, The PGA Championship and The Masters Tournament, and of the author's in-depth involvement with the subject for the last 20 years.


Derek Lawrenson's line above is just one of many plaudits received for the series of Records and Yearbooks Alun Evans has compiled since 1998 – coincidentally, but with a fine sense of timing(!), chronicling the career in Major Championships of a certain Tiger Woods. 


Then after a decade and a half of research and much fine-tuning and re-writing, November 2011 saw the launch of a landmark edition, From Old Tom to the Tiger: The Golf Majors 1860-2010, the First 150 Years. Expanding considerably on the earlier Yearbook concept, this work of almost 750 pages tells the tale of the Majors like nothing else – consummately, comprehensively, completely.


As Derek Lawrenson, again (no he's not the only fan – see the Reviews section on this site for quite a few more!), in the Daily Mail on 20 December 2011, said about From Old Tom to the Tiger '...an amazing treasure trove of information covering everything you would need to know about every Major played from 1860 to 2010...it truly is indispensable.'


And one or two others around the world have commented since:


'This book connects many of the missing dots for golf historians'. Bob Denney, PGA of America, from his 5-star review of 'Old Tom' on Amazon.com (February 2012)


'Alun Evans has produced one of the most informative golf publications that I have ever read, aptly titled From Old Tom to the Tiger...it should be in all our libraries. It's a truly great book...I commend it to all'. George Begg, Australian Golf Writers Association (March 2012)


'The latest update of Evans's epic reference is nothing less than an heroic overhaul of what was already one of the game's cornerstones of essential information. Every British Open, U.S. Open, Masters, and PGA is treated -- and this is a treat from cover to cover -- to a detailed narrative followed by detailed results that include round-by-round scores of each participant, the leaders at the end of each day of play, and the low scores of each round. But that's only half the fun packed into almost 750 pages... The book's second half provides a dossier for every player ever to start in a Major event followed by a collection of championship records...Compared to what Evans has [put] together, winning, say, 18 Majors seems comparatively easy'.Jeff Silverman, Golf.com – Sports Illustrated online (April 2012)


Since Old Tom, there have been seven further annual updates to the ongoing story, the 2018 edition now out (see The Golf Majors 2018, List of Works and Buy Now pages for further details).

'What a service Alun Evans has done for us golf junkies...'

'I want to give it seven stars' 

So say two other five-star Amazon reviewers over the years